Benefits of Licensed In Home Childcare

Find Licensed In-Home Childcare in Your Area Today!

Over the past several years, licensed in-home childcare has become an increasingly popular alternative to larger daycare facilities. If you don’t know what licensed in-home daycare is, it’s exactly what it sounds like—a child care provider has turned his or her home into a daycare facility. While this might sound a little strange to you at first, you should know that licensed in-home childcare providers still have to meet the same government regulations and codes as normal daycares. In other words, these are certainly reputable institutions.

So, why should you consider choosing in home daycare over a larger facility? Here are 8 good reasons.

  1. Comfortable home setting—A lot of children struggle with going to a new daycare because it’s a totally different environment than anything they’ve ever experienced before. Licensed in-home childcare, on the other hand, provides a comfortable home setting that is non-threatening to your children. Simply put, it just feels more familiar to them than a large, commercial daycare center. This will help your child relax easier and ease their anxiety.
  2. Fewer children = personal attention—Because a home usually isn’t as large as a commercial daycare center, licensed in-home childcare facilities have limited enrollment. What does this mean for you? It means your childcare providers will be able to give your kid more personal attention than they would get elsewhere. Licensed in-home daycares have great teacher to child ratios, so your kid will never get lost in the crowd. Many in-home providers have only around 5 kids at a time. Always ask the childcare provider how many children they accept at any one time.
  3. Affordable rates—Because this is a small business run from the comfort of their home, licensed in-home daycares are able to offer some of the most affordable rates around. See, they don’t have an expensive lease to pay for or a large staff on payroll. Lower overhead for them means cheaper rates for you. Of course, you should never choose a daycare on price alone, but with this economy, sticking to a budget is always a concern.
  4. Turnover is low—Perhaps the most important reason to choose licensed in-home childcare is the low turnover rate—both for providers and children attending. Obviously, the childcare provider will always be the same because it’s their house. But also, the children who attend in-home daycares tend to stay at the same facilities for a few years. That’s because licensed in-home childcare isn’t like the large commercial chains where kids come and go as they please based on a parent’s schedule. No, the parents who place their kids in a home daycare have done their research and are looking for a long-term facility to monitor their children. The result: your kids get to build strong relationships with both their caregiver and the other children.
  5. Flexible accommodations—Many licensed home child care facilities have flexible hours. Some are even willing to accommodate their clients 24 hours, 7 days a week. You won’t find this flexibility at a commercial day care.
  6. Free nutritious meals—Often times, licensed in-home childcare facilities offer free nutritious meals and snacks to children. Not only does this ensure your child is eating properly, but it also saves you money on dining costs.
  7. Established curriculum—When you place your child in a daycare, you want to know they’re participating in a curriculum that helps them grow during these important formative years. Licensed in-home childcare providers use established, proven curriculum designed specifically to help your child develop properly.
  8. Transportation—Some licensed home daycares will provide transportation to and from their facilities for your children. This saves you time and transportation costs, and it just makes things much easier for you on those busy mornings before heading off to work.

Find Licensed In-Home Childcare in Your Area Today!


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