A Quality Licensed Childcare Provider Matters.

High quality childcare is a place where children are cared for by qualified, nurturing, well supported caregivers who provide opportunities for play based learning and social interaction through which children can thrive.  Licensed quality childcare provides consistency and builds security and continuity for the child; and ensures  that parents can rely on a safe, dependable service.

High quality childcare offers important learning opportunities to our young children.  Research shows that the first six years are critical in terms of a childs development.  It is during these years that children are building the foundation for success through their lives.  Licensed childcare with early learning programs offer a range of activities and curicula to support childrens growth in all aspects of their development.

The most profound contributors to a childs future success are their social skill development, knowing how to resolve conflict, and their problem solving abilities.  Qualified early childhood educators and Licensed private home providers support families as the primary educators and caregivers to their children.  They also support children directly so that they can best learn these skills in a group setting.

Children who participate in high quality childcare programs are more likely to graduate from high school and go on to higher education; to score higher on IQ tests; to have lower likelhood  of dropping out of school; and they are more likely to earn more money and have more savings later in life.

High quality LICENSED childcare providers will be an asset to your childs development.

Please visit our website for a list of Quality Licensed childcare providers in Southwest/Northwest Las Vegas.



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